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Effects add that real wow factor to any event, and with all the new effects in the marketplace available today they really do make up an essential part of any event, and we stock a large range of effects hire products at our Manchester headquarters.

We offer pyrotechnic devices such as gerbs and flash pods for theatres and school productions, for indoor and outdoor effects.  We also have various flame cannons that can also be used indoors or outdoors and for a variety of events. These can be used with either liquid fuel or gas to create different kinds of flame effects. 

 Co2 also adds the ultimate crowd effect,  we also stock a wide variety of co2 effects such as hand-held guns and stage mounted co2 jets.

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Flame Cannons 

Our flame cannons come in 2 styles of unit, The first uses liquid petroleum gas and creates a very clean looking flame. These are fed by an external source from a steel gas bottle, these are fed to the flame units with a high-pressure hose. The advantage of this type of unit is long run times with no additional setup once the unit has been installed.


The second types is an oil burning cannon. These are fed with individual internal cans of propellant with the added bonus of producing much larger flames. The units hold two cans and both are fired off every time producing more impressive outputs. Why don't you contact our Manchester headquarters to find out more about our effects hire packages. 

Co2 Cannons

In our effects hire stock we also have the ultimate crowd pleaser. Co2 cannons have the ability to create columns of carbon dioxide gas which when fired at high pressure forms a white plume. The effect looks incredible when multiple units are fired from on stage vertically or used to fire directly into the crowd to fill the entire dance floor.


When harnessed into the form we use for the effects hire industry, it comes in steel cylinders that compress huge amounts of Co2 into there chamber and then released in spectacular fashion by way of a controllable device.


Co2 really is the ultimate effect and will leave a lasting impression on your audience and make your event one to remember.  


Pyrotechnics really is the king of all effects. They can be used to produce everything from smoke on a battlefield for a movie set right through to immense displays of sparks and bangs for a DJ set at an event.

We stock a large pyrotechnics catalogue of flash pods, pyro firing systems, pyro cable, you name it we can supply it.

Not only do pyrotechnics incorporate hot fall effects such as spark showers and gerbs but also encompasses confetti pods and streamers. The pyrotechnics industry really does have every effect imaginable so the list is endless. If you have a bespoke effects idea please don't hesitate to contact us or preview our packages by clicking the link below.


Fireworks are the ultimate outdoor pyrotechnics display tool, here at FX Stage Productions we can supply a full range of firework packages and can provide these for all types of events such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and many more.  

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