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Fx stage productions is known for its incredible lighting shows, our company grew wanting to bring incredible productions to events all across the uk and with an ever expanding stock of the latest lighting equipment our shows are ever evolving. Our aim is to create incredible experiences for your audience, something they have never seen before, something that cements in their minds as a lasting memory. 

Our team custom designs each show to your exacting standards and ideas, we start by taking a brief from yourselves on what aspects you would like to include. We create a 3d design of the show for you to see and make any changes you would like. We prep the equipment and deliver the show on time and on budget every time. 

Moving head lighting

Moving head lighting is a staple of modern event production, capable of so many effects packed into a single unit they are an incredible tool for any lighting engineer. Fx stage productions has a large stock of moving head lighting ready to be included in a stage design of your choice. 
Todays modern moving lighting effects have become so small and powerful spot, beam and wash fixtures are all built into one unit. This allows for so much variation in the design changing a room in seconds. Our expert lighting programmers are able to fit the theme or style of the event perfectly. With our vast array of moving head fixtures we are also able to custom design gobos to be projected from these fixtures, allowing for branding opportunities or even to add to theme of your event. 

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FX Stage Production Ravers Reunited
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Blinders and strobes

There is nothing quite like the effect a stage blinder gives to the audience. An intense bright flash of warm light that adds so much to the atmosphere of a room. At Fx stage productions we love blinders and stock some of the most cutting edge blinders on the market. Pixel mappable blinders add a totally new aspect allowing for the entire fixture or individual pixels to be used at any time. This adds so much creative potential and makes the show ever changing and dynamic. 

Strobes are a must have for any lighting show designer to have in his arsenal of fixtures. They allow for an effect only a strobe can achieve. 
Bright fast flashes create a shutter style effect making time itself look to slow. 
These fixtures can be used to white out an entire audience with intense flashes or behind objects to silouette stage aspects. 
The xenon lamps pack an immense punch with 3000w outputs and when used in multiple arrays of fixtures insane chase effects can be produced. 
A recent show Fx stage productions did for boomtown festival saw us using 20 x martin atomic 3000w units and they lit up a crowd of over 5000 people.  These are a must have addition to any festival, club night or band stage design 

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